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Friday, January 13, 2012

NSWC Campaigns-1805

1805 Austerlitz Campaign

This campaign is being played in 25mm using WRG rules with a few modifications for simultaneous movement. The campaign started off at an historical point in October 1805. We have a variable ratio of troops to figures depending on the number of troops involved in a battle and number of players.

So far we have seen a cautious advance by his imperial highness the Emperor Napoleon into Bavaria. The French and Bavarian cavalry are probing for the Austrian forces under General Major Karl Leiberich von Mack and Archduke Ferdinand which are withdrawing before the French advance, there has been no actions as of and including October13th in Bavaria.
As for the Russians all we know at this time is that they are still advancing towards Bohemia and Bavaria. When will they arrive not even the Austrians know when that will be. General Major Karl Leiberich von Mack hopes it will be soon as the Austrian forces in Bavaria maybe out-numbered and the arrival of the Russians may address the imbalance.

In Italy it has been a different story, the French Army of Italy (VIII and IX Corps) made more aggressive moves against the forces of Archduke Charles (4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Columns), this resulted in a battle at Padua between 30,000 French vs 50,000 Austrians on the 14th October.

The Battle of Padua was a victory for the Austrians forcing the French VIII Corps to retreat towards Legango and its bridge with the Austrian 5th and 8th Columns in close pursuit.  The 5th and 8th Columns attacked the French VIII Corps on the 15th October while the French attempted to cross the river.  The Battle of Legango was another Austrian victory.
Austrian Right at Padua

Austrian Centre advancing

Austrians advancing

Meanwhile, while the battle took place at Padua the French IX Corps at Vicenza moved south to support the VIII Corps. As the French IX Corps withdrew from Vicenza the Austrian 4th Column crossed the bridge and reoccupied Vicenza, this placed the Austrian 4th Column behind the French IX Corps.

Once the French Army of Italy commander released what had happened at Vicenza he ordered the IX Corps north to Verona on the 15th October and thus did not directly support the VIII Corps. 

The Austrian 4th & 6th Columns (this column joined the battle as the day wore on) attacked the French IX Corps at Verona on the 16th October while the French try to withdraw back across the Adige River.  The Battle of Verona was a French success in that it stopped the Austrians crossing the Adige River on the 17th October allowing the IX Corps to get a day ahead of the Austrians and more in a position to help VIII Corps to the south.

The two armies ready and waiting

French defending


Cuirassiers vs Cuirassiers (some Fronk Rank Russians acting as Austrians against some Perry plastic Westphalians acting as French)
While the French VIII and IX Corps sort to extract themselves from a sticky situation in Northern Italy.  The French III Corps ran into the Russians in Bohemia at Klattau on the 26th October.  This was a surprise for the French as they were not expecting the Russians so far West and behind the Army of Germany's left flank.  The main part of the Army of Germany was pursuing the main Austrian army under Mack as it retreated Eastwards drawing the Emperor on as he sort a big battle to crush the Austrian army in Germany before the Russians could help.

The Battle of Klattau was a Russian victory and the French III Corps withdrew Westwards.
French Guard infantry taking a Russian battery

French Guard advancing

Russians defending

French infantry advancing

This campaign ended when Napoleon moved to Italy in his retirement, pity that.

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