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Friday, January 13, 2012

NSWC Campaigns-1810


This campaign was being played in 25/28mm using WRG rules with a few modifications for simultaneous movement.

For the French, British and Portuguese armies the only forces involved are those owned by the players, as for the Spanish it is based on the forces available to the Spanish at the time with a little artistic licence. 

Don and Robert are providing the Spanish units. Any extra units painted by any player or for any player (painted by others) arrive in a reinforcement town and are then marched to their command.

We started the campaign as of 1 May 1810 with the French controlling Northern Spain and Central Spain (we have had to ignore Eastern Spain). The Anglo-Portuguese under Sir Arthur Wellesley (Lord Duero) control all of Portugal. The Spanish control Southern Spain and also have an Army in the North-West and have the fortresses of Cuidad Rodrigo and Badajoz.

The campaign opened with advances by the French Army of Spain South and West into Spanish controlled Spain. This has resulted in a battle at Talavera de la reina with a Anglo-Portuguese-Spanish army, the French lost the battle and had to retire. 

Meanwhile the French Army of Portugal advanced south from Valladolid towards Ciudad Rodrigo and clashed with the Anglo-Portuguese 1st and Reserve Corps just over a days march from Ciudad Rodrigo at the Battle of Sanchobueno, the British lost and withdrew one day, with the French following up.

The French forces of the King of Spain (Joseph) moved to get behind the Anglo-Spanish forces at Talavera.  Also others forces moved south from Toledo to halt and push south the Spanish Army of the South as it advanced north towards Madrid.  The French clashed with Spanish at the Battle of Herencia on the 7th May.

The French Army of Portugal advanced towards Cuidad Rodrigo following up its victory and attacked the Anglo-Portuguese forces again but did not gain the victory Massena so desired.  Neither side gained an advantage so both forces prepared for a second day of battle.

This all currently under review due to a central player pulling out of the campaign.
We are going to restart the campaign in 1812.  This is taking some time due to the ongoing illness of the Duke of Wellington, but we should start before 2012 has closed.

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